Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#269 Newkirk Ave. Overpass over the BMT Brighton Line

Newkirk Ave. Overpass over the BMT Brighton Line
June 13, 2012, Rob Hickman, Keith Nelson

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Newkirk Plaza (fmrly Newkirk Ave.) Station · Opened 8/23/1907

Newkirk Avenue is an express station with four tracks and two island platforms. A project completed November 2, 1964 lengthened the platforms in the northward direction. The open cut was widened for about 40m and the tracks rearranged to fit the platform extensions. Note the concrete walls here are distinctly newer than elsewhere. Within the older part of the station the side walls were once filled with billboard ads. At the south ends the platforms have the typical island platform taper as the right-of-way narrows.

This station is situated in Newkirk Plaza, a block-long open area lined with shops. The station house is a little cottage in the middle of this plaza surrounded by planters and benches. The station was renovated in the 1980s; the plaza around it was refurbished in the early 1990s. A plaque on the east outer wall of the station house commemorates the Brighton railroad grade separation work of 1907.

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