Monday, July 27, 2015

#447 Native Flora Garden Bridge, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Native Flora Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
July 27, 2015, Rob Hickman, Keith Nelson

Done as part of 'Forbidden Pleasures', an annual event for BBG staff. Cycling is not permitted in the garden. Special Thanks to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Julie Lang and Scot Medbury.

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BBG’s Native Flora Garden expansion—a recently planted area that features a cultivated pine barrens and a meadow modeled after Long Island's Hempstead Plains—was installed a century after BBG first established its Local Flora Section. Part of BBG's Campaign for the Next Century, the new habitats include 150 native species, many of them rare or threatened and most propagated from seeds legally collected from the wild. The project furthers the Garden’s effort in plant conservation and reinforces its role as a resource for learning about native ecosystems.

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