Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ninth Street Bridge

Ninth Street Bridge, December 16, 2009
Keith Nelson on a 26", Rob Hickman on a 24", Kyle Petersen on a 20"

With the Ninth Street Bridge comes the realization that each of the Gowanus Bridges have their own character. The Ninth Street Bridge has one of those industrial beauties that you can find only in the older nooks of New York. The steel structures soaring over this bridge move the subway above. And all of this beauty is doubled by the mirrored reflection on the green waters of the Gowanus.

From the New York City Department of Transportation:

The new lift bridge replaces a bascule span that was in an advanced state of deterioration. The new structure provides an improved wider channel in the canal for unobstructed vessel passage. The bridge has state-of-the-art electronically controlled lifting machinery that should provide 50 years of reliable service. The bridge carries 3 lanes of traffic; 2 lanes westbound and 1 eastbound.

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