Saturday, December 8, 2012

Florida Keys Bridge #26 Bahia Honda Bridge MM36

Bahia Honda Bridge MM36
December 8, 2012, Keith Nelson, Rob Hickman

Old Bahia Honda Bridge MM36


New Bahia Honda Bridge

Location: Monroe County, Florida
Feature Carried: US 1, FL 5, Overseas Highway
Feature Crossed: Big Spanish Channel
Year Built: 1972
Type: Beam
Subtype: Concrete multi-beam
Recognition: Third longest bridge in use in the Florida Keys, longest concrete multi-beam example
Total Length: 6734 ft
Owner: FLDOT
< Sufficiency: 69%
Status: In use
After the completion of the Overseas Highway in 1938, the Florida Keys began to experience rapid population growth and development. By the 1960's, it was apparent that the converted railroad bridges were too narrow to handle the volume of traffic they experienced. Furthermore, the converted railroad bridges lacked shoulders. As a result, the Florida Department of Transportation decided to replace all of the bridges, starting with the Bahia Honda Bridge. The old Bahia Honda Bridge was the most dangerous, since the road, built over thru trusses, had a vertical curve in the middle of the bridge. The dual replacement bridges were wide concrete multi-beam bridges, each with two lanes plus shoulders. Due to the high cost of such a bridge, later replacements (such as the Seven Mile Bridge and the Long Key Bridge) were single-lane concrete segmental girders with narrow shoulders. The new Bahia Honda Bridge is the only example of a concrete multi-beam longer than a mile, and it is the third longest active bridge in the Keys.

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