Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Apr 5th 2010 By Emerald Catron
Unicyclists Attempt 2,078 Bridge Crossings

We never thought we'd be using the word "badass" in conjunction with the word "unicyclist," but here we are.

Keith Nelson has started a blog called Unicycle NYC Bridge Tour, and on it he's documenting how he and his buddies are attempting to cross each of New York City's 2,078 bridges, big and small, while on unicycles.

Their most impressive feat will be crossing the Verrazano Bridge -- since it doesn't usually allow cyclists, the only way these guys are getting across is by taking part in the Five Borough Bike Tour, which means they'll have to unicycle 40 miles before they can pedal across. Hence, the badassery.

So far, they've only covered 50 bridges, and each of their treks ends at a bar, which probably makes progress considerably slower.

Hey, at least they've got their priorities straight.

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