Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Claremont Arch - Central Park

Claremont Arch - Central Park, April 7, 2010
Rob Hickman, Andy Peterson, Keith Nelson, John Jessmon, Kyle Petersen, John Wyffels

One of the hardest Arches in Central Park to spot, especially in spring and summer, Claremont Arch is relatively new, having been built almost 30 years after the opening of the Park. This part of Manhattan was not built up until the 1880s. It is named for the nearby Claremont Riding Academy on West 89th Street. Equestrians often ride on top of this arch in order to access the bridle path, which runs along West Drive here. As of mid-2001 the pedestrian path under the arch was inaccessible.

Location: takes service road at 90th Street over park path at Central Park West. Built: 1890 ; designer unknown. Made of Manhattan schist.

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