Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gothamist Article

Unicyclists Attempt to Cross Every Bridge in NYC
April 5, 2010
There have been plenty of nasty (and entertaining) battles over bike lanes and bicyclists, but you never hear about unicyclists liberating bike lanes from toxic cars while dressed as clowns (despite that being a kind of reasonable image to picture). Well, one reason might be that they're too busy: one group of unicyclists has been occupied trying to cross the least-cycle friendly places in NYC, its 2,078 bridges.

The group started a blog last October to chart their progress crossing each bridge on unicycle. They started with the Williamsburg Bridge, and have crossed 50 so far. We can already here the ka-ching of the cash registers on their book deal. "A lot of people don't like bicyclists and bicycle politics, but everyone loves a unicycle...We even went down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg where the Hasidic community rallied to have bike lanes removed, and they loved us there," group leader Rob Hickman told the Post. But despite all their hard pedaling, it's never enough: "The No. 1 question we get is, 'Do you also juggle?'"

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