Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Riftstone Arch - Central Park

Riftstone Arch - Central Park, April 7, 2010
Rob Hickman, Keith Nelson

Riftstone is one of the least-seen arches in the park. Most pedestrian and auto traffic cross it on 72nd Street on their way into the park. The bridle path beneath it is relatively bereft of equines. There's not many riders on it, so not many know about it.

One of Central Park's "natural" arches. Calvert Vaux' aim was to build a natural-setting bridge instead of one using brick and mortar. The bridge has brick supports, but these are concealed by boulders, shrubs and trees.

Location: takes 72nd Street over bridle path to west Drive near Strawberry Fields. Built: 1862 by Vaux. Made of Manhattan schist.

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