Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pine Bank Arch - Central Park

Pine Bank Arch - Central Park, April 7, 2010
John Wyffels, Keith Nelson, Kyle Petersen, Andy Peterson, John Jessmon, Rob Hickman

One of Central Park's few remaining cast iron bridges, Pine Bank Arch (its official name, though it's more properly a bridge) was in dire straits by 1984, so rusty it was about to crumble. That's when a costly and painstaking restoration was mounted. Parts that had fallen off had to be fabricated, old paint and rust had to be scraped off and the old concrete deck replaced with a wooden walkway. The result is one of Central Park's true drawing cards, if you're an ornamental bridge fan.

Location: takes park path over bridle path near Heckscher Playground. Built: 1861 by J.B. and W.W. Cornell Ironworks. Made of cast iron, steel and wood.

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