Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trefoil Arch - Central Park

Trefoil Arch - Central Park, April 7, 2010
Andy Peterson, John Jessmon, Kyle Petersen, Keith Nelson, John Wyffels, Rob Hickman

Trefoil Arch has the distinction of being the only archway in Central Park featuring a different design on each side.
The "western" side of Trefoil closest to the Lake has a round archway instead of a trefoil, and plain voussoirs (blocks that make up the arch) instead of the floral patterns found in the "eastern" trefoiled side.

Scenes from the Jack Lemmon classic "The Out Of Towners," one of the most anti-New York movies ever made, were filmed at Trefoil.

In architectural lingo, "trefoil" means a design featuring 3 lobes, like a shamrock. Consequently, 'quatrefoil' and 'cinquefoil' mean designs featuring 4 and 5 lobes.

Location: along park path under East Drive near the Boathouse and Central Park Lake. Built: 1862 by Vaux and Mould

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