Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gant Daily Article


Hansen Sinclair – AHN News Reporter
April 6, 2010 at 1:37 PM by AHN

New York, NY, United States (AHN) – A group of unicyclists in New York are raising bicycle awareness and promoting tolerance by attempting to cross the city’s 2,078 bridges.
So far, the group has crossed approximately 50 bridges.
A spokesperson for the group said the journey began in October 2009 with the Williamsburg Bridge, and recently the group made its way across the Cropsey and Stillwell avenue bridges, reports stated.
The group has been documenting their tour via blog titled “Unicycle NYC Bridge Tour.”
According to group members, many people despise bicyclists and bicycle politics, but everyone loves a unicycle.
The group made its way to Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg where the Hasidic community has lobbied to remove bike lanes, but the community cheered on the unicyclists, members stated.
Physically, going up a bridge is harder, but mentally going down takes a lot of concentration because of the momentum, according to the cyclists.
The group said it does not know how long it will take to complete their bike mission.

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