Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playmates Arch - Central Park

Playmates Arch - Central Park, April 7, 2010
Andy Peterson, Rob Hickman, Kyle Petersen, John Jessmon, John Wyffels, Keith Nelson

Playmates Arch, along with the Dairy, the Carousel, the Zoo and the Chess & Checkers House, is in a part of Central Park once formally designated as the Children's District. Its distinctive yellow and red bricks and beige voussoir blocks gave it the nickname "tri-colored arch."

Playmates Arch has one side of its original railing remaining; the other side is a reasonable facsimile from 1989.

Location: takes park path under Center Drive leading to The Carousel. Built: 1861 by Vaux and Mould. Made of pressed brick with granite trim.

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