Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dipway Arch - Central Park

Dipway Arch - Central Park, April 7, 2010
Rob Hickman, John Jessmon, Kyle Petersen, Andy Peterson, Keith Nelson, John Wyffels

Dipway Arch is rather important in that it allows pedestrians to bypass Center Drive, which is busy with cars during the week.
Dipway's granite has a distinctive two-tone bluish color that's offset by its red brick underpass. Its original cast-iron railings are intact. Like many Central Park arches, the underpass gets waterlogged after a rain.

The underpass used to feature benches, but these are long gone.

A cast iron bridge, Spur Rock Arch, was formerly along the path directly through Driprock, but it was destroyed by Robert Moses in 1938 so Heckscher Playground could be expanded.

Location: takes Center Drive over park path leading to Artisan's Gate at 7th Avenue. Built: 1862 by Vaux and Mould. Made of granite (from a quarry in Seal Harbor, Maine) and red brick.

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